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9 things you should know before traveling to Iran

As an unknown and misunderstood destination, there are lots of things you wish you had known before traveling to the wonderful Iran. From the visa rules to dress codes and the culture, there are many details that are necessary to be known in order to have a wonderful trip to Iran.

travelers visiting Persepolis. Iran
Travelers visiting Persepolis. Iran

1 Iran Visa

You don’t have to receive Iran visa if you are from Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Egypt, Georgia, Lebanon, Turkey and Syria.
You should apply for your Iran visa at an embassy if you are from the US, the UK, Canada, Iraq, Colombia, Jordan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
Canadian, USA citizens and British nationalities need to travel to Iran in a guided tour.
The nationalities of other 180 countries in the world can receive their Iran visa on arrival. Checkout the visa infographic on our website for more information.

2 Safety in Iran

Despite misunderstandings and confusions, Iran has proved to be a safe destination. The government and the Iranian police have provided a high level of safety for the foreign travelers. Many of the visitors claim that Iran is one of the safest and friendliest destinations they have ever traveled to.

3 Internet and telephone

You can have high speed internet in almost every hotel and private house in Iran. For making telephone calls while you are in Iran you can buy Iranian SIM card. Don’t forget to download Telegram App, which is used more than WattsApp in Iran.

4 Payment in Iran

Since the ATMs in Iran don’t accept western credit cards, you have to bring all your money in cash. You can exchange your money in exchanging shops which are widely seen on the streets of downtowns in Iran.

5 Iranian currency

You have to practice this one before your trip to Iran! Rial is the official Iranian currency while the prices are quoted in Tomans! Remember that Rial is the one with the extra zero. Since the prices in many restaurants and shops are written in Tomans, you have to ask your guide or the shopkeeper to avoid any mistake. You can also use the currency converter on our website.

6 Iranian Hospitality

You might have heard that Iranians are extremely friendly and hospitable. Get ready for receiving so much kindness from the taxi drivers, the shopkeepers and the locals and even getting invited to their houses!

7 Iranians speak English very well

Most of Iranians can at least speak some English sentences and phrases and the young generation especially the students can speak English fluently. So you don’t have to worry about communicating with the locals in Iran.

8 Hijab in Iran

The women in Iran have to cover their hair and wear a manteau and the men have to wear long pants while they are in public.  Women have to wear Chador in some holy shrines and mosques. But the hijab rules are more slightly for the tourists. You can read this article for more information about the dress codes in Iran.

9 Amazing food in Iran

Be ready to be served with numerous traditional foods and sweets in every city in Iran. There are lots of healthy restaurants in each city and the prices are usually very low. Read this article to acquainted with some Iranian cuisines.
Female travelers in Iran.
Female travelers in Iran.

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