Monday, December 5, 2016

Iran visa Application process.

According to the regulations of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a Tourist Visa is issued for foreign nationals who are interested to visit Iran individually or with a group tour and Uppersia is honored to provide visa services. Regulations for visa issuance, the nationalities allowed to receive visa on arrival, the process of receiving visa invitation letter and the necessary documents are mentioned in the following visual graph:

Iran visa by Uppersia.

Chabahar's mud volcano!

Our world is full of natural miracles, hid in every corner with different climates. The southern cities and seaports of Iran, laid on the Persian Gulf’s coastline, and their wonderful islands have got a lot to offer nature lovers and adventurers.

Gel Afshan is one of the weirdest natural wonders you can explore around Chabahar Seaport, by the Oman Sea. This mud volcano is located in Bandar-e Tang, 100 kilometers drive from Chabahar. Climbing a 100-meter high hill in the middle of a vast barren, you will face a small mud lagoon which boils and extrudes cold mud bubbles every minute and creates an interesting sound! Some mud volcanos in the world are the result of volcanic eruptions in the area, but the mud volcanos of Chabahar are the result of the pressure between the oceanic crust and the ground beds. That is why the mud bubbles are not hot. This gray mud contains organic materials and minerals and the local people believe that bathing in this mud volcano can relieve Arthritis pain and cure skin disorders.

Chabahar's mud volcano.
Chabahar Seaport and its awesome natural and cultural wonders are still unexplored by many travelers who seek new destinations. The weather is quite humid with moderate air temperature during winter so a tour in this beautiful coastal land with Uppersia would be a good idea.

Chabahar's mud volcano.

Chabahar's mud volcano.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Tabatabaei House.

Tabatabaei house, located in the old district of Kashan, is a marvelous exhibition of Persian architecture and architectural ornaments. This historical Persian house (it is hard to call it a house!), which was the house of Mr. Tabatabaei a carpet businessman, is built 200 years ago and shows the original style of Persian old houses. This big house which is about 4700 square meters, includes 40 rooms, 4 courtyards, 4 basements, 3 wind catchers and 2 Qanats.

Tabatabaei House in Kashan.
The same as other glorious Persian houses, Tabatabaei house includes inner part, outer part and some rooms for the servants. The small courtyard and the rooms in the inner part were usually used by the family members for the privacy that is respected in Persian culture. The rooms of the outer part of the house are ornamented with glorious stucco works and colorful glasses and the formal and luxurious ceremonies were held in them.

Tabatabaei House in Kashan.
The main cobblestoned courtyard has three turquoise water pools (the inseparable element of a Persian house), surrounded by round small gardens. The marvelous rooms of Tabatabaei house are built all around the courtyard. The rhythmic arcs above the windows and the doors, the slim columns and the madly beautiful stuccos done on the high walls are all done by the skillful hands of Persian architectures and artists.

Tabatabaei House in Kashan.
Attend the tours of Uppersia on popular routes, like Iran live trip or Irantour in style and get an insight to Iranian antique houses and stunning Persian architecture in historical and cultural cities of Iran, like Kashan, Shiraz, Isfahan, Tehran and etc.

Tabatabaei House in Kashan.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Solo travel to Iran.

Are you uncertain about solo traveling to Iran? Perhaps you are concerned about your safety or you think you might feel lonely and bored. But I think Iran is a great destination for Solo travelers:

What to do in Iran?

Nowadays Iran is on the bucket list of many travelers because of its supernatural landscapes, like the magically beautiful Lut Desert, wild Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges with rich flora and fauna or the scenic southern beaches. Iran is also one of the best places in the world for ancient monuments more than thousand years old, including Choghazanbil (1259 B.C), Persepolis (518 B.C), Takhte Suleiman (Sassanid Empire) and Fabulous Islamic monuments like Naqshe Jahan Square, Nasirolmolk (the pink mosque) and numerous amazing bazaars and caravanserais. So there are so many attractions available in Iran that won’t let you feel bored and you may even be in short of time to visit them all.

How can I communicate in Iran?

According to many solo travelers who have visited Iran, Iranian people are very hospitable and they are willing to help the guests in their hometown. In addition to the tour guide who accompanies you during your trip and gives you a lot of good information about every corner of Iran, many other locals especially the young people in big cities speak fluent English so you don’t have to worry about interacting.

Is it safe in Iran?

Safety might be the biggest concern for you as a solo traveler. In general, Iran is much safer than what the world believes and it has been announced as a safe travel destination by the tourists. Very low number of crime have been announced against the travelers and the government provides safety for the tourists in Iran.

Is Iran safe for the female solo travelers?

Despite all the hesitations and concerns before traveling to Iran, most of the female solo travelers say that they haven’t experienced even one moment feeling in danger or uncomfortable in this country. It might be interesting to know that Iranians are so protective of women and they won’t hesitate to help. As a women traveling in Iran (either solo or with a group), you just have to cover your hair with a scarf and body with a long sleeve and long shirt named manto, while you are in public. Iranian women are so interested in fashion and they have created their own type of style and fashion with loose scarfs and colorful mantos.

Choose your own type of tour among Uppersia tours, including Sport tours, Premium tours, Luxury and Budget tours and enjoy your solo adventure in Iran.

Solo trip in Iran.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

What is The Jeweled Rice?

 The hospitable Iranians enjoy giving parties and treating themselves with colorful and delicious Iranian cuisines and sweets. Believe it or not, one of the Iranian cuisines is called Morassa Polo which means the Jeweled Rice! I will tell you what exactly this colorful Iranian cuisine, served in weddings and New Year ceremonies, is:

The saffron rice is steamed for an hour, layered with roasted chicken marinated in cinnamon. Sliced almond and pistachios are soaked in cool water to soften. Barberries, sour cherries, chopped onions and carrots are roasted in oil and sliced orange peels are sweetened. After the rice and the chicken is done it is topped with all these colorful ingredients and then it is served. The barberries and cherries look like shiny ruby stones and the pistachio slices look like emerald stones placed on the golden saffron rice! Maybe that’s why this cheerful Iranian cuisine is called The Jeweled Rice. 

Tasting the traditional cuisines is a good way to get acquainted with the soul of the culture in a new destination. While you travel in the cities of Iran, you can taste different traditional dishes and even learn how they are done by attending fun and friendly culinary classes held by skillful Iranian cooks.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The historical treasure of Siraf.

The historical Bandar- e Siraf (Bandar- e Taheri) has been one of the most historical seaports of the ancient world, located by the great Persian Gulf, in Bushehr province. The antiquity of Siraf goes back to Sassanid era and many people with different religious views, including Zoroastrians, Jewish people and Christians and also different nationalities like Chinese, Srilankan and Zanzibarian peacefully lived in this beautiful coastal city. The sailors and merchants of Siraf were busy trading with China, India and Africa. They used to export precious pearls, hand-made textiles and handicrafts and import high-quality wood for constructing stunning and multi-story houses ornamented with delicate stuccos.

The numerous hand dug holes on the foothills of the mountains on the north of Siraf are known to be reservoirs for keeping the rainwater and leading it to the underground reservoirs. Some other believe that these holes were used for burying the dead bodies.

The water reservoirs of Siraf.
The Jaame mosque (the Friday Mosque) of Siraf is an architectural masterpiece inspired by the Jaame mosque of Isfahan, Naein and Fahraj. The remains of this glorious mosque are now available by the sea.

200 year old Nasouri castle, known as "the king of beach castles in Iran", is another heritage of Siraf, related to Qajar era.

The weather in Siraf is just mild and pleasant during winter. On the other hand, Siraf is not still discovered by many tourists so you can enjoy the natural and historical attractions of this unique coastal city, while they are not crowded. 

Ask Uppersia for a winter tour in Siraf, stroll in the old district and explore the long standing mansions with elegant arcs, columns and high wind catchers on their roofs, enjoy the beauty of the endless turquoise sea and treat yourself with incredibly delicious southern cuisines of Iran, like Ghaliye Mahi and Dal Adas.

The historical castle of Siraf.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Explore Iran on your bike!

Biking on the roads and passing through unknown cities and villages is one of the most adventurous activities you can do in a new destination. Iran is a good destination for a biking tour because of the safety provided for the tourists and the variety of biking routes.
You can choose your own kind of biking route in Iran:

Shahroud to Gorgan: Shahroud is located in Semnan province with an almost dry climate. This mountain biking trip starts from a gravel road in “Abr” village. The road goes on the heights and you will be led through a stunning forest named “Abr” (Clouds Forest). Then you will slope toward “Ali Abad” town and the route ends in Gorgan after 150 kilometers biking.

Astara to Gorgan: This long route starts in Astara, a coastal city in North West and gets continued on roads toward the North East. North of Iran is a beautiful area between the Caspian Sea and the Alborz mountain range, covered in forests. Biking in the north of Iran is all about passing through dense forests, biking on the Caspian Sea shores and staying in cozy rural homes. This way ends in Gorgan and it is about 750 kilometers but you can finish your biking tour anytime you liked.

Around Qeshm Island: Being a popular destination during winter, Qeshm is a touristic Island in the south of Iran with a warm and humid weather. On the biking route around Qeshm, the vast blue sea is by your side all along the way and you will enjoy the scenic beaches and the nice weather. The path around Qeshm is about 270 kilometers and you will see different attractions like ancient castles, Dareye Setaregan (the stars valley), the Salt Cave, Hara forests and etc.

West of Iran: This long biking route is through mountainous roads of western Iran in the heart of Zagros range. Biking on the downhill and uphill with steep slopes, meeting hospitable Kurd people, enjoying the wild nature of western Iran and the villages located in the heart of mountains are highlights of this exciting biking route. This route ends in smooth plains of Khuzestan province known as the land of rivers and ancient civilizations.

Maranjab Desert: Maranjab is a wonderful desert in central Iran, chosen by many for desert biking. You can start biking from Isfahan or Kashan or right at Maranjab. While biking in this vast desert you will be amazed by stunning attractions like the Salt Lake, the Safavid caravanserai, golden sand dunes and deep blue sky. 

These were just some of biking routes in Iran. Uppersia travel can help you in arranging and operating your biking tour or any kind of sport tour in different corners of Iran, during all seasons.

Mountain biking in Iran.
Desert biking in Iran.