Sunday, February 26, 2017

What makes the Stars Valley of Qeshm so special?

Being located in the vast Qeshm Island in the southern Iran, the nested maze of the Stars valley leaves every visitor dazed and speechless. This makes you in wonder "Which geological phenomenon has created such artistic forms and on the rocks of the Stars Valley?"

weird forms of the rocks in the Stars valley of Qeshm.
The Stars Valley in Qeshm.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

6 amazing castles you must visit in Iran.

There are more than hundreds of ancient castles in Iran, especially in desert lands and central cities. They are built during different centuries and dynasties usually for military purposes. Here is a guide to some of the most amazing castles of Iran in different cities:

1 Alamut castle:

This mountain castle is located in the heart of Alborz Mountains around Qazvin and is known to be seized by Hasan Sabbah the leader of Assassins group. This glorious castle made of stones and mortars is constructed on the top of a rock which is 2163 meters high above the sea level and there are deep abysses around the Alamut castle. But the beauty of this strong and ancient castle and the breathtaking landscapes makes it worthy to climb the mountain up to Alamut.

Alamut castle located on the heights.
Alamut Castle

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Meet Bakhtiari nomads with Uppersia, this spring.

There are still about 1,300,000 Bakhtiari nomads in Iran who choose to keep their own lifestyle and put their black tents and utensils on horses and migrate through the plains and mountains twice a year. This primitive and natural lifestyle with all its hardships is something that many of the travelers and adventurers wish to experience while they are in Iran.

The forever travelers of Bakhtiari, divided into different tribes and clans, inhabit a vast area in the southwest of Iran, between Kohgiluyeh o Boyer-Ahmad, Khuzestan, Isfahan and Lorestan provinces. These areas with plenty of water resources, green plains and very fertile soil have been home to this race for thousands of years. Bakhtiari nomads can be introduced as the first people who have lived in Iran. Every symbol and tradition in their society roots back to thousands of years ago when their ancestors lived and wandered in the same land.

A bakhtiari man grzing his herd.
A bakhtiai man grazing his herd.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

5 fantastic experiences you need to have in Iran.

Visiting Iran for the first time is something of an eye opener. You will see wonderful things in Iran that are so different from what you might have heard so far. This country is filled with varied landscapes, sounds, smells and cultures.

1 Discover Persian history in glorious cities

Cities of Iran are home to wonderful monuments remained from ancient emperors. The Achaemenid remains of Persepolis in Shiraz, dazzling mosques of Isfahan, ancient heritages of Khuzestan, unique adobe houses of Yazd and many more architectural heritages reveal you stories from ancient Persia.

The brick columns in Jaame mosque of Isfahan.
Jaame mosque of Isfahan

Happy International Tourist Guide Day!

February 21st is International Tourist Guide Day. A tourist guide is an important member of the tourism industry who plays a key role in how a tour is operated.

As an initiative of WFTGA (World Federation of Tourist Association), International Tourist Guide Day is held every year since 1990 when only 15 countries participated. Today an ever growing number of countries are celebrating this day every year, whether locally or internationally. Besides the educational events and celebrations held for the tourist guides on this day, some solutions are also presented regarding operating tours for disabled persons, disadvantaged persons, children and etc., so that anyone in the world can enjoy traveling.

Uppersia team congratulates all the tourist guides from all over the world on this day and wishes every person on earth to have a life full of travel and adventure.

Tourist gudie and the travelers in Iran.
Tours of Iran.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Meet Shah Abbas in Maranjab Desert!

Located near Kashan city of Isfahan province, in the heart of central Iran, the amazing Maranjab Desert is the storyteller of ancient journeys when the Silk Road slowly passed through Iran and connected east to west. The restless sand dunes of Maranjab have hosted merchants, camels, caravans and passengers for centuries.

Maranjab Castle

This desert hides glorious heritages of Shah Abbas in itself. Shah Abbas, the powerful Safavid king is known for constructing numerous castles in Iran. 350 years ago when Uzbeks and Afghans invaded Iran, he constructed a big military castle in the Maranjab Desert and employed soldiers to scout the vast desert and provide safety for the merchants during their journey through this endless desert. This castle, a masterpiece of Safavid architecture, is located beside an ancient Qanat and is 3500 square meters in area.

The rooms and arcs of Maranjab Csatle.
Maranjab Castle.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

What to wear as a female traveler in Iran?

As you might have heard before, women in Iran, including foreigners, are required to cover their hair, arms, shoulders and thighs in public places and this is the issue that might be a little confusing for the female travelers before traveling to this country. But NO! Sure you don’t have to wear Burqa (veil) and you don’t have to cover all your body with long black chadors!

A female traveler and her family in Iran.  (Isfahan)
Travelers in Iran. (Isfahan)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

6 wonderful things waiting for you in Khuzestan.

If you ask a local to choose the best place for traveling in Iran during winter, the wonderful land of Khuzestan would be one of the choices for sure. Khuzestan is one of the most historical areas in Iran, where ancient civilizations chose as their territory. Many amazing things are awaiting you in Khuzestan:

1 Choqazanbil

Dating back to Elimate era, Choqazanbil temple was built for praising Inshushinak, the Elimate god about 1250 B.C. This fabulous monument was a 5 story 105 *105 meters square made with bricks. Cuneiform scripts are recognizable on some of the bricks. Today 2 stories of this very first UNESCO world heritage site of Iran are still remaining.

Remains of Choqazanbil brick monument.
Choqazanbil in Khuzestan.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Are you curious about the Salt Men of Iran?

Being hidden and mummified in the heart of a salt mine for 1700 years, the Salt men of Iran are counted as the weirdest things you can see in Iran.

In 1993, the miners of Chehrabad salt mine around Zanjan in the northwest of Iran discovered an ancient body mummified in salt with long hair and beard, a single gold earring, iron knives, a piece of rope and a leather boot. Ten years later in 2004, another miner found the second Salt man in Chehrabad mine. This time, some ropes and tools were discovered around the salt man. The mining project was canceled and a long-term scientific and excavation project was started in the salt mine. Six Saltmen are uncovered in this mine, so far. The fourth Saltman is the least rusted one and is related to a 16-year-old boy.

Discovering these six Saltmen and the objects around them has led to valuable information about the clothes, tools and even physical conditions of the ancient men in Iran. According to the results of C14 dating, the Saltmen lived during Achaemenid, Sassanid and Parthian dynasties and were accidentally killed by the collapse of the mine. The first Saltman discovered is now kept in National Museum of Iran located in Tehran and the rest of them are kept in Zolfaghari mansion known as the “Salt men Museum” in historical city of Zanjan.

The ancient salt man with long white hair in national museum of Iran.
Salt man of Iran.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

London Black Taxi in Iran.

It has been announced that fourteen TX4 taxis are going to be imported to Iran to be used as tourist taxis. Today, TX4 taxi which is known as London Black Taxi is one of the most popular and luxurious taxis in the world, especially among the travelers.

The Black taxis in Iran are going to be used for airport and railway transfers and also transports between historical monuments and tourist attractions in the cities. This would be an interesting combination to sit in an original English vehicle and explore the cities and Persian monuments in Iran.

London black taxi used as tourist taxi in Iran.
Tourist taxi in Iran.