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Mesopotamia Tour | Summer 2023


Our Autumn Iran tours have just launched, and we've said farewell to some of the most epic adventures with our globetrotting friends during the last summer. We explored every nook and cranny of Iran, even braving scorching temperatures of 55 degrees Celsius in places like Shushtar (as seen in this epic snapshot). But we also explored cooler, refreshing spots like Ardabil. Want to join us for an unforgettable journey? Hop on board!

The Remarkable Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System

Shushtar's astonishing hydraulic system, consisting of waterfalls dug into the rocks and diversion canals that supply water to the city, has been recognized as a masterpiece of creative genius. The mills, considered masterpieces for over 1,600 years, can be traced back to Darius the Great in the 5th century BC. The hydraulic system is complete, with numerous functions, making it exceptional. It is a homogeneous hydraulic system, designed globally and completed in the 3rd century CE, as rich in its diversity of civil engineering structures and its constructions as in the diversity of its uses (urban water supply, mills, irrigation, river transport and defense systems). The Shushtar hydraulic system is a testament to the heritage and the synthesis of earlier Elamite and Mesopotamian know-how, and it was probably influenced by the Petra Dam and tunnel and by Roman civil engineering. The system includes the Salasel Castle, the operation center of the entire hydraulic system, the tower where the water level is measured, dams, bridges, basins, and mills. The Gargar Canal, a veritable artificial watercourse, made possible the construction of a new town and the irrigation of a vast plain, at the time semi-desert. Shushtar historical hydraulic system demonstrates outstanding universal value as in its present form which dates back to the 3rd century CE and probably on older bases from the 5th century CE. It is considered a wonder of the world, not only by the Persians but also by the Arab-Muslims at the peak of their civilization, and sits in an urban and rural landscape specific to the expression of its value.

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Upperisa Travel Iran Journal : Iran Travel guide to Iran overland adventure


Tehran Tours : Golestan Palace UNESCO World Heritage Site

We have published several exciting articles on traveling to Iran and also about Iranian highlights that we would like to share their titles with you:


Traveling to Iran as a country with different regulations, culture and language may look complicated when you start thinking and planning about it so we have offered facts about traveling to Iran and tips on how to explore the country.


Persepolis or Takht-e Jamishid is one of the must-sees of Iran and is a UNESCO world heritage site. So we have bundled the information and tips we think might come useful when you want to visit this monument.



Traveling in Iran with your own vehicle such as Car, motorbike or bike is a great adventure considering amazing landscapes, nice on-roads and exciting off-roads. We have offered a detailed travel guide for motorcyclists, cyclists and drivers planning to visit Iran.


Persian Caviar on an Appetizing Culinary Activity in Iran

When you hear about Caviar (Khaviar) the next work that comes to your mind is "Persian Caviar". Caviar or unfertilized eggs of Iranian sturgeons are considered one of the best types of caviar in the world. We have scratched the surface of this food from the Caspian see.


Why You'll Love Shiraz? 

Shiraz city is not just about its grapes but also its amazing Persian gardens, beautiful Qajari and Pahlavi houses and mansions, famous Persian poets and the UNESCO world heritage sites around the city including Persepolis, Naghsh-e Rostam, Bishapur, Firuzabad and Sarvestan. Learn more about Shiraz in this article.


Embracing an Iranian Winter: 7 reasons to visit Iran in its off-season  

One should not miss traveling to Iran in winter as it offers skiing in nice ski resorts around Tehran and the great climate in south of Iran including Persian Gulf Islands. We have bundled the reasons for traveling to Iran in winter so that you can decide and plan. 


Iran Trip Puts Less Pressure on Pockets + 4 Reasons

Iran is one of the cheap countries to travel in for travelers on tight budget. We have offered why it is a budget destination for travelers and backpackers.


Top 10 Highlights of Golestan Palace | Video Walk

Golestan complex is the only UNESCO World Heritage site in Tehran and absolutely is worth a visit. You will marvel at Persian arts and what Qajars have left in history.