Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sarein; a chilly summer destination in Iran.

Although many travelers believe that summer is not a good time for traveling to Iran and all the cities spend very hot days during this season, there are cool and charming cities which make you a fabulous summer vacation in Iran!
Being located in the Ardebil province in the northwest of Iran, the small and beautiful Sarein (also spelled as Sareyn or Sar Ein) is one of those chilly cities. Sarein is located only two hours from the great Sabalan Mount and enjoys the cool breeze and the fresh air at this high land. Vivid blue sky, honey bee farms, green plains and white wooly fat sheep grazing on the pastures are the amazing and peaceful landscapes you will enjoy on the road to this town.

peolpe in the hot springs on the plains of Sarein, Ardebil.
Natural hot spring of Sarein, Ardebil.