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The juxtaposition of modern and classical attractions, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art and the
 magnificent palaces is among the main reasons that travelers cannot resist visiting Tehran, the capital of 
Iran. One of those classical sightseeing is Niavaran Palace, last Pahlavi Shah’s and Empress' resident. 
The cultural and historical complex of Niavaran is located in a charming garden in an eleven hectares area
, with three main handsome monuments (Niavaran palace, Sahebqaraniye Palace and Glorious Ahmad 
Shahi Pavilion) which was built in the closing days of the Qajar period.
Ahmad Shahi Pavilion, is a two-storied building, consisting of a hall with a marble pond at the center
 surrounded by rooms and corridors at the ground floor and a central hall with a four sided porch at the 
second floor. Also, the well-formed wooden shelves of the second floor, have been installed all 
around the main walls to miraculously echo the sounds of noble music instruments played by
 Iranian talented musicians.  Ahmad Shahi pavilion after a restoration and interior additions was
 utilized as the residence and office of Reza Pahlavi. The palace’s walls were also renovated
 during the Cultural Heritage Week in the year 2000.


Ali Qapoo Music Hall


Built at the very end of the 16th century, Ali Qapu, is one of the most magnificent palaces of the Persian Empire’s Safavid Era. This six-storied monument is located on the western side of the Naqsh-e Jahan Square opposite to Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and had been originally designed as a vast portal.  The elegant Ali Qapu mansion on the sixth floor has a large completely plastered hall, which is also known as the music hall. The interweaving beauty of architecture and science of acoustics performed in this hall, proves the ingenuity of Iranian architects. This hall’s ornamentation is a smart decorative invention of Safavid era, based on the physical recognition of the sound and its reflective characteristic. Besides providing beauty to this glorious hall, this jar-shaped cornices caused the sound of music to spread more clearly and vividly. In ceremonies and feasts Iranian music masters gathered in music hall and played heavenly music pieces by traditional music instruments such as setar, kamancheh, tonbak, daf and etc. This magical hall still echoes the sounds of Iranian history and peaceful culture. Walk through the ancient yet alive remains of Naqsh e Jahan Square and touch the memories of Safavid days in Isfahan.


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Sunday, December 11, 2022

Private Trip in Iran

Enjoy the experience of a customized tour of Iran with your own private driver. Whether you want to explore hidden gems or are interested in truly unique experiences, our approved drivers with the safety and comfort of our passengers in mind and easy access to a professionally run fleet of coaches, vans and sedan cars escort you in Iran. The driver of Uppersia team took our guests to their favorite places, sharing the local lore and the back stories, and allowing them to see less-known monuments through the eyes of a local.  



Ariz Castle

 Eco-tourism resort of Ariz Castle, Iran's largest historical and rural eco-tourism resort with 2,500 square meters, was opened in Bagherabad Village, Bafgh, Yazd Province. Ariz Castle with the capacity of up to 150 persons in 45 rooms dates back to the late Zandiye era.On the rooftop of this resort you can also have a unique view of the palm trees, the desert, and experience local environment.  Did you tempt to accommodate here? Uppersia team will help you to have a dream vacation in this castle.

Akbariye Garden

 Being registered as a chain UNESCO heritage site, the nine heavenly Persian Gardens are among the most beloved and iconic landscapes with their distinctive properties, picture-postcard views of water stream and the historic Persian pavilions. Lesser-known Akbarieh Garden near Birjand in South Khorasan Province, is among the Persian gardens that has been registered in UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2011. This garden like other monuments in Birjand reflects the styles of Zand dynasty and the early Qajar period. The oldest mansion of this garden belonged to one of the high-ranking figures of the time. The mansion has two floors that contain mirror hall, the dome, honeycomb plasterwork and a long path which invite you to view the garden slowly and mindfully, in all of its detail - stones, water, buildings and plants. At present, the central part of Akbariye garden which was built during the Qajar period is used as the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology and the other part which was built in Pahlavi period has an administrative function and eventually other parts are allocated to traditional restaurant and teahouse. Uppersia suggests you to get great pleasure in visiting this green attraction while travelling in Iran.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Motorbike Tours of Iran



We finally made the ultimate dream tour of Iran. You will ride all the four main cities, from Tehran to Shiraz, Yazd and Isfahan.  Your motorcycle will take you to deep inside of Iran.

Traveling around Iran by motorbike, beautiful mountain passes, interesting historical relics, colorful, friendly and happy people makes you love the country more and gives you extremely special feeling. Uppersia company gains experience in organizing and guiding motorcycle tours to any corners of the country. After many years tours with foreign tourists in Iran, we know where, how and what to make wonderful motorcycle trips for you.

We upgrade your experience with the car support to help carry your things. Camping equipment, luggage, etc. -we will provide you with a professional driver to take your things via car to the preferred destination. No need to ride along, you can ride our motorcycle at your own pace. Knowing that your luggage will arrive safely the destination of your choosing.



Persian Musical Instrument

Iran has a wide diversity of musical instruments, some of which have existed there for over a thousand years while others have been imported in our own times.

Persian rich culture and our traditional ceremonies are popular not only among Iranian but also among foreigners too. How about the Iranian musical instruments then? Do you know about Iranian instruments? There are many traditional Persian instruments used to play Iran's traditional music, from those that were invented in Iran to others that evolved and developed into Iranian flavors and varieties over time. Ancient instruments in common use are setar, kamancheh, tonbak and daf.

Best Time to Visit Iran

 Iran is a land of varying climate with beautiful geological phenomena, which attracts many scientific and adventurous tourists.  Iran is the land of four seasons due to numerous geographical reasons, such as standing in the vicinity of Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, the African desert and the Indian Ocean. In addition, other parameters such as vast deserts, high mountains and the existence of two large seas in the north and the south of the country cause Iran to have 3 different kinds of climate. Most of the cities experience hot summers and cold winters with snow being a common feature. Spring and autumn, from April to May and from September to mid-November respectively, are the ideal times to visit Iran and the inland regions when temperatures are pleasant. With over one decade of experience, Uppersia team help you to make the most of your trip and bring unforgettable and heartwarming memories to your home.



How to Spend 3 Days in Isfahan


Thinking about spending 3 days in Isfahan? So, welcome to one of our favorite cities. We think that’s the perfect amount of time to spend in one of the most visited cities of Iran, giving you the chance to see many of the top sights and attractions and really get a feel for the city.  Also, you can visit the magnificent mysterious Abiyane village and Jolfa district, a place full of vibrancy and activity.

Day 1

What better way to start of your trip to Isfahan than with a visit to Naghshe Jahan Square?  This is without doubt the most iconic landmark in Isfahan and a visit here is a must for any visit to Iran. Walk to Shah square (also called Imam square and Naghshe Jahan square) and visit the monuments around it including Royal mosque (also called SHah mosque, Imam mosque and Abbasi mosque), SHikh Lotfollah mosque and Ali Qapoo palace. Then walk to Chehelsoton palace and garden.

Day 2

Another must-do experience in Isfahan is a visit to Jolfa district. Walk to the Isfahan Armenian district to see Vank cathedral and its amazing paintings. Also spend some time in its museum to learn more about Armenians. Then walk by Zayanderood River and visit the historic bridges over it. Uppersia suggests you to enjoy eating lunch or dinner at the cozy pavement caf├ęs and going to the art shops from which you can get your souvenirs home.

Day 3

One of the best ways to experience a fundamentally different culture is to explore the smaller villages away from the big cities. Drive to Abyaneh and meet its people with the traditional and colorful costumes and also its old houses with their wooden doors. Also enjoy trekking the mountains around the village. It’s registered by UNESCO as one of the four most historic villages of Iran. Abyane is truly a Village of living traditions, ancient architecture, and probably one of the most shining examples of human adaptation to nature. If you want to get a taste of an unknown spot, Uppersia team will accompany you.

Want more info? Check out Uppersia.com for a detailed guide to Iran, including where to stay, recommended itineraries, where to eat and free things to do in the city.