Monday, June 3, 2013

traveling to Iran in summer time

Have you ever thought of traveling to Iran in summer?
You may say no as it must be very hot in summer to travel to the Middle east and Iran.
You are right about the heat in some parts of Iran but we should consider that Iran is a big country and in some parts in is in central Asia, in some parts in Caucasia, in some part Mesopotamia and some part Iranian Plateau. So you can travel to Iran in summer and face a temperate weather. For example in Northwest and Western Iran there are many areas that are not very warm in summer. For example Ardabil is a city that wont get warmer than 30 C in the hottest time of the year. July and August can be still for people who cannot tolerate warm climate if they choose the good spots. In other parts of Iran such as Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz it may get to 40 C but as it is dry it is more tolerable than humid areas South of Iran by the Persian Gulf
passing by a village in Central Iran


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