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Agatha Christie's three Iran trips

"From Teheran we flew to Shiraz, and I remember how beautiful it looked — like a dark emerald-green jewel in a great desert of greys and browns. Then, as one circled nearer, the emerald grew even more intense, and finally we came down to ..."
Agatha Christie 

The house at Shiraz book written after the first adventure
Agatha Christie that is the English detective novelist and short story writer visited Iran three time, in 1931, 1958 and 1971. 

The first trip happened in 1931 for the honeymoon of her second marriage with Max and visited Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz. She flew into Persia with a German Junkers monoplane and a German pilot and after spending time in Shiraz, she fell in love with the city and the house where she stayed in. She wrote the short story "the house at Shiraz" in 1933 after this trip.
Naranjestan mansion, Shiraz

In this story Parker Pyne investigates about a murder in a house in Shiraz. Arriving in Shiraz during Nowruz festival, Pyne makes the acquaintance of the English consul and dines with him. He talks about house that he saw outside the town on a visit to the tomb of Hafiz. The consul tells him that this is the house of Lady Esther who now lives alone, refusing to see anyone from England. The consul took over his post the day after the death of the companion who fell from a balcony in the courtyard while carrying a breakfast tray. The consul also approves some of the comments of the German pilot about  strange Lady Esther and speaks of her dark eyes....

Later in 1958 she traveled into Iran again and stayed just in Shiraz for two weeks. Her third visit was six years before her death in 1971.

And Then There Were None,Abbasi hotel
Beside "the house at Shiraz" short, a movie called "the little Indians" based on a story from Agatha Christie "And Then There Were None" was shot in Abbasi hotel in Isfahan and Persepolis near Shiraz.
And Then There Were None, Persepolis
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