Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Iran tours September 2013

Iran tours in September and October:
-Iran Salam trip Good for people with time limitation to have an introduction into Iran
 -Iran live tour Suitable for people who have 14 days to spend to travel around Iran

 -other tour packages Budget, premium and luxury trips
September is one of the best months to travel to Iran. March, April, May, September and October are also other good ones. Iran has different climates through out the country but for most of the country September is an ideal time. Another good thing about traveling to Iran in the first months of Autumn, September and October, is that the service providers such as hotels or monuments are not as busy April or May and it is the best time to do sightseeing.

An American traveler busy taking photo of Shiraz old gate


  1. Take an interesting journey through Iran's history and mysterious architecture as you enter a universe of dramatic strongholds,elaborate palaces with staggering gardens, and archaeological and cultural gems.Travel the lost land of Ancient Persia and find out about the rich cultural history at the heart of modern Iran.Surrender to the disordered vitality of the Tehran Bazaar, and wonder about the circle-molded fortification city of Firuz Abad.