Friday, June 24, 2016

Iran visa application update

- These nationalities can visit Iran without any visa:
Syria (90 day visa), Turkey (90 days), Lebanon (15 days), Azerbaijan (15 days), Georgia (45 days), Bolivia (30 days) and Egypt (20 days). If they want to stay more, they can extend their visa while they are in Iran.

- These countries cannot visit Iran by visa on arrival and should get their visa beforehand: The US, Canada, Iraq, Colombia, Jordan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan

- The travel agencies cannot get visa invitation letter for Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan and Afghan nationalities and they should refer directly to the consulates for the application.

- Other nationalities can get the visa on arrival for 30 day stay in Iran.

- The American, British and Canadian passport holders still must travel to Iran within a guided tour through an eligible travel agency. So they cannot apply for a visa invitation letter through us without booking a trip.

International travelers visiting Golestan palace, Uppersia.

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