Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Iranian visa

 Citizens of more than 100 countries in the world need to receive visa for entering Iran. “Uppersia” is ready to advice and serve you in shortening the procedure of receiving visa for you and your guests and also their entry to Iran.

 For more information about this topic the following can help you a lot: 

 If your guests are from Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bolivia and Egypt, they can enter Iran without receiving visa for a defined period of time. Syrians for 90 days, Georgians for 45 days, Bolivians for 30 days, Egyptians for 20 days, Lebanese and Azerbaijanis each for 15 days can stay in Iran without visa.

 For extending the period of residence in Iran they can refer to embassies and consulates of Iran. Besides if they are in Iran they can refer to Iran’s Police of Immigrants and Aliens and apply for extending their visa’s period.

 Citizens of the US, England and Canada can receive Iran’s touristic visa if only they travel to Iran in form of a tour. US citizens need to be accompanied by a tourist guide who is affirmed by Iran’s heritage and culture organization, ministry of foreign affairs and police of immigrants and aliens, besides the obligation of traveling in form of a tour.

Citizens of the US, England, Canada, Iraq, Colombia, Jordan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh can’t receive visa on arrival for Iran and they have to refer to Iran’s consulates and embassies for inserting their visa in passport and receiving Iran’s visa.

 Citizens of four countries, including Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka aren’t permitted to receive reference code from Iranian travel agencies. Citizens of these four countries should ask the embassies and consulates near their location for Iran’s visa.

 Except for mentioned exclusions, citizens of all countries need a visa for entering Iran. Referring to the amenities from Iran’s ministry of foreign affairs, receiving visa on arrival is possible for many countries.

 Iran’s ministry of foreign affairs has prepared amenities, so that your guest’s portfolio is reviewed before their arrival to Iran. So by presenting a reference code, visa receiving procedure will be done easier and faster.

"Uppersia" is available for visa services.

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