Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The telling monuments

  Persian architecture of Islamic era has a deep and meaningful integrity in addition to its external beauty which means that moral aspects have been considered beside the scientific achievements and logics of architecture, causing soul and mind of a visitor to be fed at the same time.

  The spirituality in old Persian architecture is achieved by some methods and different branches of traditional arts, done in building the monuments. One of these methods is the particular technique of building the ceilings, that were built inspired by the eternal and galactic sky, which are very high and formed as domes with very detailed and luxurious ornaments like mirror work, which doubles the ceiling’s beauty and evokes the people’s spiritual mood.

  Ornamental masonry art which displays ivy and floral Persian margins, derived from hard marble stones, have been done to resemble the desired paradise by grabbing visitors attention.

  Another art accomplished in Old Persian monuments is tiling with geometric Persian margins, which is art of composing little geometric shaped tiles like pentagram stars, Hexagram stars, octagons, squares and different kinds of triangles in order to create a colorful and patterned surface, wrapping the monument. This art indicates a great oriental and Islamic philosophy which believes in the unity of the whole universe toward one worshiped and holy God. All little tiles are resembled as each single parts of the vast universe facing the unit center and the monad origin.

  You can visit many old Persian monuments and get impressed by these meaningful architectural ornaments on uppesria’s cultural and historical tours in cities like Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz. 

"Nasir-ol-molk" mosque in shiraz.

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