Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Iranian pottery, labor of love.

  Iranian Pottery has been a fabulous art done in this country since 8000 BC according to the remarkable earthen dishes and statuettes excavated in different ancient cities like Sialk in central Iran, Susa in southern Iran, Marlik in northern Iran and Jiroft in eastern Iran.

  Khayyam, the great Iranian poet, mathematician and philosopher has used the words potter, pottery workshop and pot as the symbols of God, the universe and human in his meaningful poems, indicating that this art has its own place in Iranian culture.
  Today, in cities of Iran many people are still busy with pottery as their job or as an entertainment. In Laleh-jin, a city in Hamedan province, hundreds of earthen dishes, glazed in different colors, are produced every day. In Meibod which is a desert city near Yazd, the pottery dishes are ornamented with beautiful patterns like the sun, little birds and fish and in Sistan va Baluchistan potter women paint geometric and abstracted patterns on their pottery dishes. In other provinces like Qom, Minab, Shahreza, and Bandar-Abbas you can find people who are busy with pottery, too. 

  In all of the mentioned cities you can visit Iranian pottery workshops, see different earthen dishes and you can even sit at the back of a pottery wheel and experience this relaxing art that has accompanied mankind during millenniums.

  Uppersia travel is willing to be in charge of required arrangements so that you can visit traditional pottery workshops and experience Iranian pottery.

A tourist visiting a pottery workshop in Iran

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