Thursday, September 1, 2016

Meymand eco-lodge with 12000 year old rooms!

“Meymand eco-lodge” has been founded about 15 years ago in Meymand, a weird village in the east of Kerman province. This special residence includes 7 sets of old hand-dug rooms named “Kicheh” that can be rented by the tourists. These hand-dug rooms with low ceilings are still home to the families living in Meymand village, which is inscribed by UNESCO as a world heritage site. According to the potteries found in this area, the archaeologists have estimated that this village is 3000 years old, but studies on some petroglyphs in the area take this village’s antiquity to 12000 years ago!

  These hand-dug rooms are equipped with a piece of kilim and a wooden bed and this is what makes this simplicity eco-lodge so special. The best months for visiting Meymand is March to June. During these months the weather is at its best and the nature around the village is so stunning. In summer the weather is quite hot in Meymand and it gets mild during late September to November. So, autumn is a good time for visiting this eco-lodge, too.

  What is interesting to the tourists, is meeting the nomad people who have chosen to sojourn in these small rooms and keep their old lifestyle which is dependent on nature. These nomads stay in the pastures during spring and spend their time feeding their livestock. The next four months (approximately July to October) is the farming season and they stay in their rooms during the cold winter months.

  Visitors can have their meals in one of these hand-dug rooms which is converted into a small restaurant. Different kinds of traditional cuisines, like “Kale josh” (made with zucchini, lamb and whey), “Eshkeneh” (a simple dish made with egg) and different kinds of stews are served in this restaurant. Well-brewed tea, made with wild herbs, found in this area is also available.

The hand-dug rooms of Meymand village.

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