Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"Rivas eco-lodge" in Meymand, Kerman.

“Rivas eco-lodge” is located near Shahr e Babak in the east of Kerman province, on the way to main touristic cities of Iran, like Kerman, Yazd and Shiraz. Rivas eco-lodge is a simple rural house in a garden and the tourists will be greeted with a simple and traditional atmosphere. The rooms are furnished with objects like traditional mattresses and old ovens, offering you pleasant smoky heat and in the morning you will be served a great breakfast including fresh dairy and home baked bread.

"Rivas eco-lodge"

“Rivas eco-lodge” is only 20 kilometers away from Meimand, the old village with wonderful hand dug houses, which is a world heritage site. You can also visit a group of nomad people who live in this area and see how their life is connected with nature. These people may even teach you how to weave a nomadic carpet if they aren’t so busy with their daily chores. If you happen to be in this area during spring you will be amazed by the vast plain of wild rhubarbs. Rhubarb is called Rivas in the Persian language. In Shahr e Babak you can explore “Moosa Khani” mansion which is a masterpiece of architecture with fabulous ornaments, built by the governor of this city during the Qajarid era.

"Moosa Khani" mansion in Shahr e Babak.
In “Rivas eco-lodge” you will be served with great traditional cuisines of Kerman province like Boz Ghorme (lamb, whey and beans) Abgousht (lamb stew), Gojeh polo (rice, tomato and cumin), and etc. In the night you can gather around a bonfire, drink tea and even experience baking bread. Spending one or two nights in this cozy house will be a nice experience.

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