Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Golden springs of Badab- e Surt!

Badab- e Surt (Badab Soort) is a magnificent natural heritage site in the north of Iran, in Mazandaran province, including a range of stepped travertine springs. Badab means carbonated water (Bad= gas/ Ab= water) and Surt refers to an old village in the area named Orost, which has been destroyed many years ago. 

The stepped form is due to the folding of Alborz mountain range, that happened thousands of years ago and the water flowing in the terraces originates from two mineral hot springs on the heights. All of these have led to a dazzling natural wonder! The water in each spring has different properties. One of the springs, which is about 15 meters deep, has a very salty water and the other one contains a red and kind of sour water due to the iron deposits. The water in Badab- e Surt is known as a cure for rheumatism and migraine.

These big and small springs, laid out in a natural terrace form, containing water with different colors and Barberry trees around, have created an amazing natural miracle, known as the land of golden springs! Badab- e Surt is extremely beautiful during autumn because of the colorful trees and the mild weather and you can reach this place by 4 or 5 hours driving from Tehran through the forests and nice roads. Ask Uppersia travel to include exploring Badab- e Surt in your Iran tour!


  1. Impressive. thanks for posting. In Vietnam and in Mui Ne we do have something similar as Badab-e surt.

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