Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A desert getaway in Mesr!

“Rohab eco-lodge” is located in the middle of the central desert of Iran in a village named Mesr. Mesr village and desert are very popular adventure destinations in Iran. Rohab has been an old desert house that is converted into a cozy eco-lodge, offering tourists the unforgettable experience of desert lifestyle. There are 7 twin bedrooms and a 4-bed suite in “Rohab eco-lodge”. The cozy rooms are decorated with traditional objects, representing old desert houses for the guests. There are many unique attractions around “Rohab”, which you can reach by riding off-road cars. Riding off-road cars, jumping on sand dunes is a delightful experience itself!

A beautiful bedroom of "Rohab eco-lodge".

"Aroosan" is a village with only three residents, busy with agriculture in their little farms! This old village is far from technology and visiting it is a real getaway from everyday life.

"Kooh Jen" (Elf Mountain!) is a weird rock mountain covered with sand and you can climb it to enjoy the infinite beauty of the desert at a glance

"Khur salt lake" is the most fabulous spot as many visitors believe. This lake turns into a vast dry land covered with polygons formed by salt, during summer. It is the place for having a long walk and enjoying the sunset and the deep silence of the Mesr desert.

“Rohab eco-lodge” serves healthy and local meals, usually made with organic vegetables. You can spread out a piece of carpet on the desert sand and have your memorable meal in a whole different place.

Off-road cars are available in "Rohab eco-lodge".

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