Sunday, September 11, 2016

"Javarg eco-lodge"

Javarg is a village near Sepidan, in the north of Fars province. This area has a great nature with oak and wild almond trees and many springs. An eco-lodge named “Javarg” has been recently founded in this area and many tourists go there for experiencing nomadic life and exploring the amazing nature.

“Javarg eco-lodge” includes a central building with simple rooms and some nomadic hand-made tents. These rooms and tents are decorated with stunning hand weaved Qaghqai kilims and rugs which are so colorful that makes you feel happy! It is interesting to know that Qashqai carpet is known as an intangible world heritage.

In “Javarg” you can meet Qashqai nomads who are a big population in Fars and they have a very rich culture. They are so energetic and fresh just like the beautiful clothes that the Qashqai women wear and the colorful carpets they weave. During night Qashqai nomads play a fantastic music with local instruments called Saz o Naqare (something like trumpet and drums). You can join them around a fire and enjoy their hospitality while drinking a good tea, brewed on fire. You can even learn how they dance and get in their circle!

The food in “javarg” is just perfect. Iranian kebabs and different kinds of stews are served with delicious rice or great bread baked by the Qashqai women. But “Dough” is what makes your meal so enjoyable. This is a salty and sour drink made out of milk which is made by Iranian nomads and it provides calcium to the body. Drinking Dough makes you feel relaxed.

If you are a mountain climber or nature lover “Javarg eco-lodge” is an interesting place for you because it is located near some stunning spots which are popular among climbers and adventurous. Shesh pir (a big water spring on the heights), Behesht- e gomshode or the Lost Paradise (a forest area with a spectacular nature) and Barm firouz (a high mountain with a beautiful lake on top) are some of natural destinations that you can visit while you are staying in “Javarg eco-lodge”.

The black tents of "Javarg eco-lodge".

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