Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sheikh Safi eddin’s tomb, a home to generosity.

  Khanqah (monastery) and tomb of Sheikh- Safi eddin- Ardebili is a great historical complex in Ardebil, located in northwestern Iran.

  Sheikh Safi eddin was the ancestor of Safavid kings who ruled Iran for 220 years. Sheikh Safi eddin had a very decent personality and the people believed in him as a moral leader because of his amnesty and generosity. His thin and weak body was due to all the penance he put himself through and he grew so sick in the last days of his life, when he had nothing except water and sugar as his meals but he was still focused on moral duties and he assigned his own monastery to a place for feeding and helping the poor. On 1335 Sheikh Safi eddin passed away while he was 85 years old and he was buried in a room of his own monastery.

  Sheikh Safi eddin’s tomb which is built in1335 is registered in UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites because of its fabulous and unique architecture. The walls and arcs are constructed by baked bricks, laid out in amazing geometrical and rhythmic forms. The domes and some other walls are ornamented with turquoise and ultramarine blue tiles forming religious phrases and simple geometric patterns. Fantastic Muqarnas is done inside the monument. Muqarnas is an Iranian ornamenting art and it includes geometric and rhythmic forms, spreading in different floors of inner surface of the dome and half domes. The whole complex is built under influence of Sufism philosophy.

  In 1539, two pieces of twin carpets were weaved for this holy tomb that are known as one of world’s most fabulous art pieces. The beautiful toranj (medallion) at the center and delicate floral margins have made these carpets comparable to famous abstractive paintings in the world. One of these two carpets is now kept in Victoria and Albert Museum.

  Jannat Sara mosque, Ghandil Khane and Chini khane are other parts of this historical complex. Shah Ismail (the first Safavid king) and the soldiers of Chalderan war that happened between Safavid and Ottoman Empire in 1514 A.C are also buried in this complex.

  Ardebil has a cold weather, so you can enjoy visiting Sheikh Safi eddin’s tomb and other attractions of Ardebil during summer and October, when the weather is at its best. Uppersia travel is at your service for arranging you a great tour on North West of Iran, where you can visit four of world heritage sites.  

"Sheikh Safi eddin's tomb in Ardebil/Iran.

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