Monday, September 26, 2016

Hormoz is land of colors!

Hormoz is a small island in the Persian Gulf (south of Iran) with an area of 42 kilometers squares, which has been an important military spot during Safavid era and Portuguese soldiers occupied this island and built a castle in it which is still available. Shah Abbas, the Safavid king, rescued Hormoz Island in 1621. The dwellers live in a village at the center of the island.

Hormoz is madly colorful! The mountains are made up of soil in different color layers and the women wear nice colorful cloths and they cover their faces with a burqa. The mountains, the weird shaped hills and the unlimited landscape of the Persian Gulf have made this island a great destination, especially among young artists. They usually make backpacking trips to Hormoz Island and experience a simple lifestyle for some days. This is the place for long walks on the seashore, swimming, drawing and painting, collecting weird stones, enjoying photography and doing yoga while all you hear is the sound of waves.

Women of Hormoz Island, wearing colorful clothes.

Hormoz Island is an exhibition of geology wonders like stone and sand shores, white salty hills named “salt goddess” and a mountain with vivid red soil that is used in producing cosmetics and even cooking! Different animal species like aquatic turtles, corals and even gazelles are available in Hormoz Island.

The salt layers on Hormoz Island.
  Hormoz Island has a very mild and pleasant weather during autumn and winter with a temperature about 20- 23°C. So consider exploring this wonderful island during your autumn tour to Iran! 

Khezr beach in Hormoz Island.

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