Thursday, September 22, 2016

The land of heights and Kurdish myths!

Oraman Takht or Huraman Takht is a village in Oraman region in the west of Iran, between Kurdistan and Kermanshah. Oraman Takht is located in a beautiful slope valley with a unique architecture. The yard of one building is the roof of the building below and some call these houses “stairways to heaven!”

Ancient objects from the Paleolithic era like some stone made tools and remains of an oven show that this area has been home to first men since 12000 to 40000 years ago. But the madly beautiful nature and the nice weather is more 
motivating for visiting Oraman Takht.

Kurdish people of "Oraman Takht" playing Daf in "Pir Shalyar" ceremony.

The people living in Oraman Takht are Kurdish people who speak in Hurami dialect and they have a very rich culture with many mythical stories. They are known as brave and family oriented people. The strong  Kurdish women, wearing colorful traditional dresses, are associated with men and they sometimes lead a whole tribe or family. These people are also famous for creating fabulous handicrafts, like kilims, rugs, shawls and wood crafts like Persian music instruments.

  The most amazing ritual held in Oraman Takht is named “Pir Shalyar”:

There is a Kurdish myth about a great and holy man named “Pir Shalyar” who lived in Oraman Takht 1000 years ago. He was able to cure the patients. He cured a deaf-mute princess and the king announced them as husband and wife. Today after 1000 years Kurdish people of Oraman Takht especially the Sufi people celebrate his wedding for three days in the middle of winter and in the middle of spring.

In this ceremony, Kurdish people play Daf (a Persian percussion instrument), which is a very exciting show. Many Kurdish men and women play Daf at the same time and create a fantastic atmosphere. Some players and audiences are so affected with the wild music and they nod their head or dance to the strong rhythm of the Daf. This ceremony also includes sacrificing for “Pir Shalyar”, cooking and serving a special soup, helping the poor and gathering in an old garden until late night.

This spiritual ceremony which is held for praising the goodness of a great man attracts many visitors from all over the world every year. Uppersia is willing to make it possible for you to visit this unforgettable ceremony! 

The beautiful "Oraman Takht" village in spring.

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