Saturday, September 24, 2016

"Shafi Abad", a desert eco-camp in Lut.

“Shafi Abad eco-camp” is located near Shafi Abad village and Shahdad town in Lut desert, in the east of Kerman province. Lut desert is inscribed as a natural world heritage site by UNESCO and a spot in the Lut desert (Named Gandom Beryan) is known as the hottest spot on the earth!

"Shafi Abad" eco-camp.

This simple eco-camp includes 35 dome cottages constructed with palm leafs on stone benches, located between sand hills to be safe from desert winds.  These simple cottages are equipped with electricity and it is a safe and friendly place for spending the night in the desert for free.  A security room is near the cottages for providing safety for the tourists.

This desert eco-camp is only 20 kilometers away from the Kalouts. Kalouts are weird sand towers shaped by the wind and this is the most interesting feature of the Lut desert as many visitors believe. This is also one of the best places in Iran, for photographers.

Shafi Abad is an old village near this eco-camp. On the road between this camp and Shafi Abad, you will see stunning sand hills with some Tamarisk trees on each, known as Nebka forest. An eco-museum, a historical caravanserai (dating back to Qajar era), and a Qanat under the ground are the attractions of Shafi Abad village.

Nebka forest of Lut desert.
The historical castle of  "Shafi Abad" village.

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