Thursday, September 8, 2016

A home for Damavand climbers.

  Damavand Mountain with 5610 meters height is the highest peak in Iran and the second volcanic peak in Asia. This mountain is located in the north of Tehran and the south of Caspian Sea, in Amol county of Mazandaran province. Many mountain climbers and adventurers from Iran and other countries, travel to Damavand for climbing trips to the peak which usually takes three or four days.

  Damavand mountain eco-camp has been founded in two departments in order to provide services to climbers during their climbing trip:

  The base camp is located in a small village named Nandal in the middle of the route to Damavand peak (2300 meters high) and this is a good place for the climbers to take a rest. You can enjoy a hot shower and have delicious and nutritious meals (prepared by a good cook) in this eco-camp which has 10 twin tents. There is a garden outside the tent where you can enjoy your barbecued meat and drink your tea while making new climber friends.

  You will be accompanied by a local guide on your climbing trip to the Damavand peak if you ask for it. The advanced camp is located on the northeastern heights of Damavand, at an altitude of 4300 meters and it is known as the second and last mountain camp in the route to Damavand peak. This eco-camp is founded with temporary constructions including 10 double tents and another tent as the kitchen that provides warm and healthy food to you after your long and tough climbing day. The electricity required in the kitchen is provided by a generator and you can recharge your electronic devices here.

This is so enjoyable to get refreshed in this camp and sleep in cozy tents with comfortable mattresses.
The advanced camp of "Damavand eco-lodge", 4300 meters high.

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