Saturday, September 17, 2016

"Ateshooni ec-lodge"

Ateshooni is a 400-year-old desert house that has been restored and converted into a cozy and beautiful eco-lodge by the owner of the house. This house is located near remains of Ateshooni oasis (dating back to Sasanid era), near Khur o Biabanak of Isfahan province, in the central desert of Iran.  Khur o BIabanak, which is a touristic attraction itself, is a historical town with a remarkable desert architecture and many palm trees.

The family members who live in Ateshooni eco-lodge, host the guests themselves. They offer guests private rooms and hostels with traditional beds for sleeping, serve them delicious Iranian cuisines and entertain them with magnificent live music, played with traditional instruments.

During your stay in Ateshooni eco-lodge, you can enjoy different expressions of Iran’s central desert. Having a long walk through the desert and its beautiful sand dunes is a good way to make your mind free of everyday worries and riding an off-road car, moving on sand dunes is a thrilling desert experience. In the nights, the millions of stars and the big bright moon change the desert into a wonderful land and leaves an unforgettable image for you. You can also enjoy camel-back riding and meet the hospitable people of this oasis.
An old style room in Ateshooni eco-lodge.

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