Monday, September 19, 2016

"Gileboom eco-lodge"

  “Gileboom” is an eco-lodge in Ghasem Abad village of Gilan province, in the north of Iran and it is located between the Caspian Sea and “Samamoos” peak, covered in Hyrcanian forest. This beautiful eco-lodge is a two story house with different rooms for group tourists and individual tourists. The rooms are decorated with wicker and felt carpets and traditional mattresses are available for sleeping. The vast garden in front of this house has many orange, fig and pear trees and a seasonal ditch passes through the garden.

  “Gileboom” has been founded to provide and revive old costumes and rich culture of northern Iran. Visitors have the chance to get familiar with different handicrafts done in this village, like pottery and felting.  They can also take part in fruit picking in the garden and experience fishing in the Caspian Sea. There are more adventurous activities available. For example, climbing “Samamoos” peak and “Gisharkouh” peak, walking through different forests or riding a safari car to “Javaher-dasht” bungalow village.

  The most pleasant thing about staying in “Glieboom” is the cuisine! Different traditional cuisines and appetizers of Gilan are served here. Sour chicken stew, stuffed barbecued eggplant, roasted cheese and different kinds of seafood are some of the dishes served in “Gileboom”.

a colorful room in "Gileboom eco-lodge".
The guests gather in the balcony of "Gileboom", in night.

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