Sunday, September 4, 2016

"Khoone Geli", a cozy eco-lodge in the north.

“Khoone Geli” is a two-floor rural house in Chalasar village of Tonekabon city, in the beautiful northern forests of Iran. In 2003 this house, which is built on a tea farm, was restored and changed into an eco-lodge by the grandson of the family who owned the house. The tea farm and the citrus trees around the house and the landscapes of northern forests and the Caspian Sea has made this eco-lodge a lovely place for accommodation and it is fully booked most of the time. There are three kinds of rooms in "Khoone Geli", that you can stay in. the rooms of the ground floor, the upstairs rooms and the huts located in the garden.

There are many activities available around Khoone Geli. You can choose exciting activities like water skiing, mountain climbing or hiking in the forest or you can visit pottery workshops, the old bazaar where the fishers gather and meet the nice people of northern Iran. Khoone Geli itself can be a perfect place for spending an afternoon. Sitting on the balcony, drinking herbal tea, tasting homemade jams, made with the oranges planted in the yard, and enjoying the stunning landscapes of the dense forests and the Caspian Sea is so relaxing.

You can also learn how to cook northern cuisines while you are at Khoone Geli. You can buy the ingredients from the traditional bazaar and the cook will teach you how to prepare delicious northern foods.

"Khoone geli", a cozy eco-lodge.
A tree house in the garden of "Khoone Geli".

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