Saturday, September 10, 2016

Stepping through the weird caves of Iran.

Iran is a weird land with many natural wonders like high mountains, deserts, caves and etc. About 1200 caves have been discovered in Iran until today. Some of these caves have been home to first men and they sheltered in them from rain, wild animals or any threat in nature.

Today, caving is getting popular among athletes and adventurers in Iran and many foreign athletes travel to Iran for having a caving experience in this country. Some famous caves of Iran are introduced in the following:

“Rood afshan”: This cave is located near Tehran and it is reachable by an hour of climbing to the top of  a mountain. The caving route in "Rood afshan" is about 800 meters. The drops of water have created many beautiful anticline and synclines. According to pieces of potteries discovered in this cave, we can come to conclusion that "Rood afshan" cave has been home to first men.

"Rood afshan" cave, near Tehran.

“Khofash” cave (bat cave): This is the only bat cave in Iran and it is located in Ilam province. 30,000 bats in different species live in this cave which is known as a historical cave related to cavemen age. Khofash cave is 225 meters long and hundreds of stalactites and stalagmites are created in it during centuries. The bats go for a flight in the afternoon and it is a fabulous scene when they all fly out of the cave into the sky.

"Khofash cave"
"Ghoori Ghale”: This is the biggest water cave in Asia, located near Kermanshah, in the west of Iran. This cave is 12 kilometers long and it is known as one of the most attractive natural heritages in Iran. A beautiful area in "Ghoori Ghale" is named “Maryam hall”, which is a big round lake surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites.
Stalactites  and stalagmites of "Ghoori Ghale" cave.
“Kataleh Khor”: This one is an enormous cave in 3 floors! "Kataleh Khor" is located in the west of Iran, between Zanjan and Hamedan. An interesting fact about this cave is that it ends in Alisadr cave which is a big one in Hamedan! It is said that this cave actually has seven floors but three floors have been explored so far. The cavers can go about 4 kilometers through this cave.

Beautiful "Katale Khor" cave.
“Chama”: it is an ice cave in Chahar Mahal province (west of Iran) which looks like a canyon full of piled snow and ice, with a fabulous ice ceiling. The ice layers go thin during summer and a spring flows under the ice which is a great water source in the area. Being located in deep valleys and so much snow being piled during years have led to permanent ice cressets that are extremely beautiful.

The stunning "Chama" cave in Western Iran.
“Parau”:  this is located on a high mountain (3000 meters high) in Kermanshah province and it is 751 meters deep and 1500 meters long! Parau has been a very challenging cave for cavers all over the world.

caving in breathtaking "Parau" cave.
There are many more caves in Iran like “Namak cave” (Salt cave) in Qeshm Island, “Danial cave” in Mazandaran, sahoulan and Alisadr in the west, and etc. Each of these caves has a unique feature that makes it a wonderful and exciting place for adventurers and nature lovers.

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