Thursday, September 29, 2016

The ancient heritages of Khajeh Mount.

Khajeh Mount is a basalt lava formed like a trapezoid, which is about 609 meters high above the sea level, located in the middle of Hamoun Lake near Zabol city of Sistan va Baluchistan province in the south east of Iran. Sistan (known as the land of sunrise) has been a thriving region in Iran during Ashkanid (247 BC-224 AD) and Sasanid era (224-651 AD) and many monuments like fire temples and castles with glorious corridors and porches were built on this mountain which used to be an island in the middle of Hamoun Lake when it was full of water. Hamoun Lake has been a holy water for Zoroaster people and they believed that the Saoshyant (the promised savior) will rebirth out of this lake.

Khajeh Mount and the historical monuments.

The biggest adobe monument remaining from Ashkanid era is located on Khajeh Mount and it includes a big citadel and the ruins of the city. The architectural ornaments of this citadel are similar to Greek ornaments and it proves that the monument is related to Ashkanid era due to the relations between these two Empires. Another remarkable monument on Khajeh Mount is a Sasanid palace, indicating great architecture achievements of that era.
Although the mural arts of Khajeh mount are a little pale and the figures and margins may be unrecognizable without the guidance of a leader, but these are the most precious remains of this ancient complex, showing different rituals and legends. One of them shows three men with halos shining on their head. The Parthian kings and queens and the "victory goddess", riding a horse are portrayed in another mural. The other painting shows a goddess with a trifurcated cane and some archaeologists relate this painting to Shiva, the goddess of India. The most interesting mural shows a scene of a ceremony where some people are playing musical instruments and a rope dancer is dancing upside down!

Visiting Khajeh Mount, which is an unexplored heritage for many of the tourists and history lovers, would give you lots of information about the art, beliefs and the legends of Iranian people during Ashkanid and Sasanid Empire. Uppersia travel can make it easier for you to reach this unknown and adventurous attraction.

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