Saturday, October 1, 2016

10 reasons to travel to Chabahar this autumn:

Are you looking for a getaway from autumn rain and the cloudy weather? Do you miss spring weather and its mild sunshine? Chabahar is a coastal destination with a very mild weather and nice sunshine, the attractions are stunning and most importantly, it is not crowded!

Chabahar Seaport is a free trading zone on the coast of the Gulf of Oman, in the south east of Iran. Chabahar means Four Springs (Chahar= four/ Bahar= spring) and it shows the mild weather during four seasons of the year in this seaport, which is due to being located near the Equator line. In addition to the fabulous weather and the safety, Chabahar has unique natural and cultural attractions that make this place a great destination especially during autumn and winter:

1. The beach: Chabahar has the most amazing beach in Iran. You can have a long walk on the sea shore and step where it seems that nobody has stepped before! Enjoy the magical sunrise and sunset on the rocks and save the image in your memory.

Chabahar's beautiful beach.

2. Mud volcano: This is a geology phenomenon that causes the mud to boil on the ground and create dome mud. The mud volcano of Chabahar is located on 100 meters high hill near the city.

3. Lipar pink pond: This pond is created between two mountains and it is 14 meters long. Lipar pond is the habitat of different birds like flamingos, eagles, and See-see partridges. Tamarisk trees are available around Lipar pond.

4. The holy “Karag” tree: Sacred fig or Bodhi tree is a very big tree with a trunk diameter about 3 meters. It is said that Budha attained enlightenment underneath a sacred fig. The sacred fig in Chabahar, which is 740 years old, is named “Karag”.

The "Karag" tree (sacred fig).

5. “Hara” forest (mangrove forest): Hara trees, which are great ecological resources, grow in coastal and warm regions. Chabahar’s Hara forest is located on Gwadar Bay. You can move through this forest on a boat and explore these nice trees, growing in the water.

"Hara" (mangrove) trees.
6. Meet the Gando crocodile: Bahu Kalat River is located 90 kilometers east of Chabahar and it is the habitat of Mugger crocodiles, called “Gando” in this area. Mr. Gando is the only type of crocodile in Iran and it is about four meters long with a short snout!
7. Miniature (Mars) Mountains: These dry mountains with no vegetation look like the mountains in old Persian and Chinese miniatures. Some other stimulate these mountains to the heights of Mars!

The miniature mountains of Chabahar.
8. Wave surfing: This exciting sport is a popular activity in Chabahar because the Waves of Oman Sea are suitable for surfing. Many athletes from other countries travel to Chabahar for having a good surfing.

Wave surfing in Chabahar.
9. Handicrafts: Needlework is a fantastic handicraft done by the women of Chabahar. It is the art of creating nice geometrical margins on the textiles by needle and colorful strings. Kilims, wickers and jewelries made with seashells are other handicrafts done in Chabahar.

10. The cuisine: You will be served with great chilly and tasty seafood in restaurants and local houses of Chabahar. Traditional desserts made with dates are also famous in Chabahar.

  Uppersia travel highly recommends visiting attractions of Chabahar seaport and enjoying its fabulous weather during your autumn and winter tour to Iran. 

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