Thursday, October 27, 2016

Different faces of Iran in one day.

After moving from a northern to a southern city in Iran in a short time, you may ask yourself: “ Did i experience all of these different climates in one country during such a short time?!”. Because of the two high mountain ranges (Alborz and Zagros) in the north and west of Iran and the two vast deserts in the center and east of Iran, different climates and temperatures are available at the same time!

Today (27th of October) in Ardebil province, which is a mountainous area in the northwest of Iran, the temperature is about  -1°C and these cities are covered in white because of the snowfall of two days ago. The local people have started the heaters in their houses and the winter is obviously arrived.

Meanwhile, the people in a southern city or island like Bushehr or Qeshm are living in a whole different situation. The warm weather around 30°C and the high humidity indicate that it is still summer and turning on the air conditioners make sense!

Today, in the central cities of Iran, like Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz the weather is so mild and pleasant. Autumn rain is started in Tehran and the color of leafs is changing into beautiful warm colors.

So while you pack to Iran you need to consider the tour you have selected and the parts of Iran you are going to visit. For example for Iran North by Northwest tour you will need warm coats and for Iran live trip lighter cloths are fine.

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