Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Jolfa district of Isfahan.

 Shah Abbas I, the Safavid king since 1587 B.C, displaced the Armenians, who lived in Jolfa city of Azerbaijan region (northwest of Iran) to Isfahan and paid a lot of attention to them. Gradually, other Armenians of Iran migrated to Isfahan and many Armenians were gathered in Isfahan. Shah Abbas built them big houses and Cathedrals and they named their district "Jolfa".

Jolfa is a very beautiful district and its architecture shows an interesting contrast in the heart of Isfahan. The cobblestone alleys lighted by old poles, the nice houses with brick walls and the pleasant and peaceful silence, make the whole district a nostalgic and lovely area, where you like to stroll in, for hours.

The vank cathedral in Jolfa district of Isfahan.

Vank cathedral (holy savior cathedral) was built in Jolfa during the monarchy of Shah Abbas II. A three story bell tower with a big clock about 300 kilograms is located on the entrance door. Armenian cathedrals are usually constructed with stones and the domes are conical, but the walls of Vank cathedral is brick made and the domes are constructed like the ones of Persian mosques. That is why this monument shows the combination of western and Persian architecture. There are stunning mural paintings on the walls and vaults of Vank cathedral painted by Armenian artists and they show contents of the holy Bible like the ascension of Jesus, heaven and hell and the last judgment.

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The great murals of Vank cathedral in Isfahan.

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