Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The stunning Carpets of Qahqai Nomads.

Qashqai carpet (one of the most fantastic types of Persian carpets), is as colorful and cheery as the culture and the customs of the Qashqai nomads. Qashqais, who are a big nomadic population in Iran, live on the wealds of Fars province and their music and carpets are inspired by the wildlife around. The weavers simply imitate the flowers and the wild or tamed animals on the carpet and express their feelings with the colors they choose. What is more artistic than performing the pure feelings, fears and wishes in form of motifs? Some other Qashqai rugs show noble motifs of Iran, like “Lachak o Toranj”, “Maahi dar ham”, “Chelipa” (cross), peacock, lion and cypress tree, which are all legendary motifs of ancient Persian carpets. These hand-made masterpieces are registered by the UNESCO as a cultural heritage.
A Qashqai woman spinning the wool for weaving a carpet.

Qashqai carpets are also fabulous in quality and techniques of weaving. The soft wool is from their healthy sheep and it is magically dyed into bright colors with dye plants, found in the environment.

A piece of Qashqai rug might feel like a new born baby to the weaver, who is usually a woman or a young girl. She feels so connected to the carpet and its motifs which she spent months on weaving and she might keep the carpet forever!

Meet Qashqai nomads of Fars province in Uppersia nomad tours, touch their admirable carpets and feel excited by the shiny colors and the harmonic motifs!
A piece of Qashqai carpet.


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