Thursday, October 20, 2016

The beauties of Nayband port in Bushehr.

 Nayband is located on the Persian Gulf’s coast in Bushehr province, in the south of Iran. South of Iran is a fantastic destination for winter and Nayband National Park and its historical village is one of the most beautiful coastal areas along the beaches of the Persian Gulf. The historical evidences indicate that Nayband has been a scouting spot during Sassanid Empire (founded 224) and it has been an important bay for pearling and trading the pearls during the Buyid dynasty (founded 934).

Nayband region is located between the southern mountains of Zagros range, the turquoise blue Persian Gulf and the shiny sand of its shores. This area has a wonderful flora, including mangrove forest, seaweed and holy fig trees. Mangrove trees which grow in salty water of the sea can only live in a temperature over 5°C. The water in Mangrove forest tides twice a day and it is the habitat of different birds, like flamingos, pelicans and migrating birds during winter. Nayband has also different types of fauna like wild ewes, rams and big green turtles. In the high seas, whales and dolphins are available. The coral reefs are another unique attraction of Nayband.

Invite yourself to the mild weather and the fabulous nature of Nayband during winter, meet the hospitable locals, get acquainted with their unique culture and enjoy the chilly and delicious seafood. You can put Nayband on your list of the attractions you would like to visit during your winter tour to Iran and ask Uppersia to include it in your day tour to Bushehr.
The Mangrove forest of Nayband. 

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