Monday, October 10, 2016

Yazd, the city of soil and sunshine.

Yazd is known as the city of bikes, sweets, qanats, fire and sunshine! Yazd is the oldest adobe city and the second historical city of the world after Venice. The antiquity of 5000 years is claimed for Yazd and this city has been known as a safe place on the Silk Road.

This city has fabulous attractions, like Amir Chakhmaq square which is a world heritage site, registered by UNESCO and Jaame mosque, a masterpiece of Persian architecture with dazzling tile works. The Zoroastrian fire temple (Atash Bahram), with a fire burning for 1500 years, is another unique attraction of Yazd.

Yazd has the widest historical urban texture in cities of Iran and the area is about 800 hectarec. In Yazd’s old district, all the walls and buildings are made of mud and straw and it shows the use of local constructional materials considerig the desert climate of this city. On the roof of the houses, there are small domes and amazing wind catchers (Baadgir) for cooling the house during hot summer days. Pointed arches are built over the maze of alleys. The walls are built high and the alleys are narrow for having a shadow. The whole historical urban texture of Yazd follows a nice visual rhythm of curved domes and arches beside the vertical wind catchers and the high-rised walls, all in harmonic colors like cream, khaki and ochre.

Joining a Yazd day tour, walking through these calm and peaceful alleys and meeting the warm-hearted people, living in these unique buildings will let you learn about the history of the fabulous city of Yazd. 

Yazd's view from above. 

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