Thursday, October 6, 2016

"Masuleh village"

Masuleh is one of the most beautiful villages in the north of Iran. It is located on the heights, covered in dense forests with oak and alder trees. This village is about 800 years old and the weather is usually cool, rainy and fresh even in summer days. Heavy rain, snowfalls and the cold weather starts in November and continues until the first days of March in Masuleh, but autumn days of Masuleh pass with milder weather and lighter rain, while the forest is colored in different tones of yellow and orange.

The unique architecture of Masuleh (interconnected houses), is due to being located into a steep mountain. The pathway of one house is the roof of the house below and no car is allowed to move through these narrow alleys. The old and traditional bazaar of Masuleh is one of the most interesting spots of this village. This four-story bazaar with small stores is usually crowded with locals. In this bazaar, you can find nice handicrafts like wickers, wood crafts and handmade metal objects. Then you can seat in a cozy tea bar, where the hospitable old men and old women of Masuleh gather. Enjoy the stunning  landscape of foggy forests, while sipping your well-brewed tea.

In Masuleh you can stay in a hotel or you can rent a room in a rural house and get more acquainted with the lifestyle of the beautiful Masuleh village.

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The unique architecture of Masuleh.

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