Saturday, October 15, 2016

5 reasons to visit Iran in 2017.

1. Iran is home to folks and ancient civilizations.

Old civilizations and empires like Elamite (3000 BC), Achaemenid (550 B.C) and Sassanid (224 A.E) were in Iran and inherited their glorious monuments and precious utensils for history lovers and tourists who like to travel to thousands of years ago! Different Iranian folks and nomads with a unique culture and interesting traditions live in Iran. You will meet Turks, Kurds and Lurs in west, Baluchs and Turkmans in east and north-east of Iran and acquaint with lifestyle and beliefs of Iranian nomads.

2. Iran is the land of fabulous architecture and stunning handicrafts.

In every city, you will explore architecture masterpieces, including mosques, caravanserais and historical houses with dazzling ornaments, dating back to Islamic dynasties like Safavid and Qajar or even pre-Islam Empires like Achaemenid and Sassanid. Each city of Iran has its own beautiful handicraft. World known Persian carpets, hand weaved textiles of Yazd, earthen dishes of Hamedan, different kinds of wood crafts and copper dishes of Kerman and Isfahan are some fantastic handicrafts of Iran.

3. Iran has great traditional cuisines.

Iranians love cooking and eating! In each city and region, the local people cook traditional cuisines, which are in harmony with the area they live in. Visit different cities of Iran and enjoy the Iranian kebab, spicy seafood of southern cities and tasty sweets of Yazd in the east of Iran.

4. Iran has incredible natural landscapes.

Due to the unique geometrical properties of Iran plateau, you will see dazzling natural attractions and landscapes in this country. The dense forests of the north, warm and stunning beaches of the south, the wonderful Lut desert and wild mountains of Zagros range, covered in ice, are some of the natural attractions of Iran.

5. Iran is safe and the people are hospitable.

Some tourist who haven’t visited Iran might have been warned that Iran is an unsafe country, but according to what the tourists who have visited Iran say, no matter where you are from you will be safe in Iran and the police will support you, responsively. Iranians are known as very hospitable and generous people and you will feel good, spending time with them during your tour to Iran.

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A tourist in Persepolis. 

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