Sunday, October 16, 2016

Nomads of colors.

Qashqais are Turk nomads, living in Fars province of Iran especially in Firuzabad. Animal husbandry is the main job of Qashqai nomads and they migrate between summer quarters (yeylaq) and winter quarters (qishlaq) to find better pastures for their herd, every year as the seasons change. During the cold season, they set up their tents in southern areas of Fars, like Jahrom, Lar and Firuzabad, while in summer they travel to northern cities of Fars, like Abadeh, Sepidan and Zagros Mountains.

The black handmade tents of Qashqai nomads are made of goat hair and they are propped with timbers and woolen strings. These tents are embellished with stunning pieces of carpets like colorful kilims, small pieces of rugs and Gabbeh. The eye-catching margins and the fine wool, dyed with herbs, like madder and mignonette are the reasons that these stunning and high-quality carpets are inscribed as an intangible world heritage by the UNESCO.

A Qahqai tent on the pasture.

In a Qashqai clan, house chores are done by women. They bake the bread, purvey the dairy and weave the carpets. These women wear beautiful dresses in vivid colors like red and yellow, but the older women choose darker colors. The Qashqai nomads are so family oriented and they take their wedding ceremonies so seriously. The wedding ceremonies may sometimes take long 3 - 4 days!

The music that Qashqai nomads play is fabulous. It doesn’t follow any special rule and it comes from the player’s soul and the nature around. This music, which is played with two instruments similar to trumpet and drum (Saz o Naqare), is sometimes so happy and energetic and sometimes calm and deep. The Turkish lullaby that a Qashqai woman sings to her baby is a fantastic piece of folklore music, too.

Qashqais are so generous and hospitable and you can stay with them for a while and experience their interesting lifestyle. Uppersia travel operates nomad tours and you can join them anytime you liked.

A Qashqai woman, baking bread.

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