Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ice-climbing in Iran.

Ice-climbing is a very exciting activity similar to rock-climbing, added with ice and cold. Ice-climbing is the activity of climbing different ice formations with technical tools. A climbing route can be a frozen waterfall, a rock slab covered with refrozen flowing water or an inclined glacier. Due to lots of mountains in the north and North West of Iran and the cold weather in these areas, there are many places available for ice-climbing. Some of them will be mentioned in the following:

Souleh glacier: This is the longest glacier in Iran and it is a really tough one on the northern face of Damavand Mount. Damavand is the highest peak in Iran and it is located between Tehran and Mazandaran province. The best time for ice-climbing on this glacier is during spring and autumn and it takes about three days to climb Damavand Mount and Soule glacier before reaching the peak.

Sabalan glacier: Sabalan is one of the highest peaks in North West of Iran (Ardebil province) and it is about 4811 meters high. There are some glaciers on different points of Sabalan Mount and the hugest one, which is on its northern face, is noticeable from Meshgin Shahr town. This wide glacier goes to the mountain's peak through an inclined valley and rockfalls may happen while climbing. The best months for ascending this route are April and November, while the ice is thick and strong.

Abnik Waterfall: Abnik is a village in the north of Iran with a stunning nature and nice weather. By walking about three hours you will reach the Waterfall at the end of the valley. This waterfall is frozen most of the times but winter is the best time for ice-climbing on it because the ice is thick and strong.

Khour Waterfall: This waterfall is located near Chalous Road in Khour village and it is about 50 meters high. This waterfall is frozen during winter and it is a good place for having an easy ice-climbing, compared with other ice-climbing routes in Iran.

Uppersia suggests you the North and North West of Iran as a new destination for winter sports because Iran has milder weather during winter and you can also get familiar with the Persian culture. 

Ice-climbing in Iran. 

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