Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bazaar of colors!

Minab is an old coastal city in Hormozgan province in the south of Iran. The local people of Minab have an interesting lifestyle and a rich culture. It is said that bazaar exposes the mood of a society and a good way to get acquainted with the culture of a society that you haven’t met before is going to the old and traditional bazaar of that city and meeting the local people.

Minab’s Thursday market, which has been held every Thursday since more than hundred years ago, is the bazaar of colors and culture and walking in this bazaar is like walking in a live museum! Every Thursday, many people from different towns and villages of this area, like Jiroft and Kahnouj gather in the bazaar of Minab and present their handicrafts and products. The booths of this bazaar are made of palm leafs and most of the sellers are the southern women who wear long colorful dresses and veils and cover their faces with Burqa which is a traditional mask hiding their face from the sunlight. Most of the products which are sold in here are made by these creative women.

Handmade wicker objects, like baskets, mats and boxes for keeping the cereals, nice earthen dishes made on manual pottery wheels and ornamented with simple geometric motifs, nice textiles in hundreds of colors are the main products of this active bazaar. Home-baked bread, fresh fish and tropical fruits are other items found in this bazaar.

You can ask Uppersia for a day tour in Minab and visit the attractions of this city, including the Oman sea, Khoor - e Tiab and Minab's Thursday market if it is Thursday.

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