Monday, August 29, 2016

"Turkmen eco-lodge"

  In 2009 a couple restored a cottage in Golestan province (northern Iran) and converted it into an eco-lodge. This little rural house, located near Golestan National Park is named “Turkmen eco-lodge”.

  The main reason for founding this eco-lodge has been protecting Golestan National Park and introducing it to tourists besides providing a great place for them, so that they can learn about the flora and fauna and meet Turkmen people, living in Golestan province.

  Turkmen eco-lodge is decorated with beautiful felt rugs, kilims and cushions, made by the residents and the tourists get the chance to experience their traditional and simple lifestyle.

A cozy room in "Turkmen eco-lodge", decorated with local handicrafts.
There are different activities that tourists can join in different seasons of the year, during their accommodation for two nights in “Turkmen eco-lodge”:

Joining the local guide for a full day trekking, or having a camping night on the highlands of Golestan National Park, are suggested as adventurous activities during spring, summer and autumn.

Visiting Persian leopards that mate during winter, tracking animal signs on snow and photographing the fabulous snowy landscapes of Golestan National Park are exciting activities during winter. By the way, visiting felt-making workshops and learning how these nice carpets are done is a cultural attraction that shouldn't be missed in this Eco lodge. 

“Turkman eco-lodge” has won the international “To Do” award for promoting sustainable tourism in 2014.

Tourists enjoying the trekking tour on the heights of Golestan National Park.

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