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10 reasons to visit Lut Desert in Iran:

“The planet’s famous red color is from iron oxide coating everything. So it’s not just a desert. It’s a desert so old it’s literally rusting.” _Andy Weir, The Martin

“Dasht-e-Lut” or Lut Desert is a vast salt desert located in Kerman province (eastern Iran), known as the world’s 25th largest desert. Lut Desert is the lowest area in Iran and it is about 56 meters above sea level. This desert is incredibly beautiful and it has been inscribed in UNESCO’s world heritage list, recently.

Many tourists travel to Iran for visiting this weird desert because of:

       1.   Being known as the hottest spot on earth. Measurements done by NASA, from 2003 to 2010 has recorded a 70°C temperature in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009 which indicates that “Gandom beryan” (an area in the center of the Lut desert called grilled wheat!) is the hottest spot on earth. Isn’t it worthy to visit the hottest spot on earth? Of course this experience should happen during October to April, otherwise you may be baked like the mentioned wheat!!

       2.  The “Kalouts”. There are thousands of sand towers in Lut ِDesert in different shapes, formed by the wind during centuries, named Kalout. The kalouts are between 10 to 50 meters high and some people call this area “The magical city of Kalouts”. Weird sand castles spread in a natural composition, is not a landscape you may see very often.

        3.  The salty river passing through Lut Desert. This River rises in “Khosf” heights in Khorasan province, enters Lut Desert and passes the west side of “Gandom beryan” toward a little lake called “Chaleh shour” ( the salty pit). This salty and bitter water with salt crystals floating on, flows in this river during winter and makes this part of Lut Desert a mysterious land.

       4.   The unbelievable stellar sky. As it gets dark in the Lut desert, the show begins! Millions of stars sparkle in the sky and you can count many meteorites passing above your head!

        5.   The pleasure of strolling on the desert sand. It is interesting to know that there is no alive creature found in the Lut Desert. So you can take of your shoes and go for a long walk. The sand is pleasantly warm on days and cool during the nights. I suggest you to get more acquainted with the desert and lie down on the sand for a while.

        6.   The relaxing silence. You are far away from the cities or roads and the desert offers you a heavy silence besides its attractiveness. Free your mind for a while and enjoy the pleasant silence.

         7.  Being the place for the photographers. Lut Desert is a heaven for photographers! The clear sky, bright lights and the eye-catching dunes and Kalouts are photography subjects that are not found everywhere.

         8.  The beautiful sunrise. Seeing sunrise is a very joyful experience for many. Imagine your camping night to be finished with seeing the magical change of sky’s color from dark blue into purple, orange and then light shiny blue, with no sky scratcher standing in front of you!

         9.  Being disconnected. Although technology is so essential nowadays, but I think that it feels so free to be disconnected from your Email, Facebook or Twitter, for a while. You can be disconnected from crowded society and technology in Lut Desert and get connected with this wonderful nature.

         10.  Being mysterious. The Kalouts (being simulated to an abandoned city), the salty river flowing in the desert, the silence and the hollow atmosphere makes Lut Desert a mysterious place, interesting and weird to any visitor.

       Uppersia tours usually include an excursion or an overnight tour in Lut Desert and we look forward to operating you fantastic Lut Desert tours during autumn and winter.

A salty river passing through Lut Desert.


A beautiful kalout in Lut Desert.

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