Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Matin Abad", a nice eco-lodge in deserts of Iran.

  “Matin Abad co-lodge” was founded by some tourism managers in 2008. This eco-lodge is located in the middle of desert and sand dunes, 45 kilometers away from Kashan. Protecting the nature and promoting sustainable tourism has been the main reason for founding “Matin Abad”. 70 percent of the required energy in this Eco lodge is provided by the sunlight and the managers are focused on classifying and recycling the waste in order to protect the environment.

  The central building is constructed like the caravansarais, built in deserts of Iran many years ago. There are 7 rooms available in the main building, decorated like old Iranian houses with comfortable beds and mattresses and 20 tents around the caravanserai building, suitable for accommodation during both winter and summer because of the traditional heating and cooling systems embedded in them. The tents are simply decorated with traditional objects like kilims and old cushions. 13 small rooms called “Koumeh” are built in the area with brick walls and domed roofs, representing the old houses in the desert. 

Different activities are available in “Matin Abad Eco-lodge”:

 Going through the heart of this endless desert and exploring Karkas peak and the stunning sand dunes on a bicycle or on foot.
Camel back riding in the vast desert that is so exciting and fun especially when the camel walks up and down on the dunes.
Using available telescopes for exploring the amazing night sky with millions of stars and meteorites and learning about astronomy.

The delicious Iranian cuisines served in “Matin Abad” are so healthy and some of the ingredients are from the organic farm located by this eco-lodge. 

Tourists enjoying the beautiful desert.

Spending night in cozy tents of "Matin Abad".

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