Saturday, August 13, 2016

Qanats of Iran

   During the 40th UNESCO's session in Istanbul, Turkey on July 25th, historical Qanats of Iran were selected to be in UNESCO's historical-cultural heritage site list. This is considered as the third Iranian chain heritage, selected as a world heritage, after Persian gardens and Iranian cathedrals were inscribed in the list. Many of the UNESCO members confirmed the complicated system of these Qanats and the genius methods and skills, used for constructing them, at the time.

  Iranian Qanats are man made canals, excavated under the ground, so that the groundwater can flow in them. These canals that join the chain of water wellls, springing from one original well (mother well) under the ground, lead and manage the groundwater for agriculture and other expenditures of water. So, the deeper the groundwater, the deeper the wells should be excavated.
 The deepest well in a Qanat string is about 350 meters deep, located in Khorasan province. 

  One Qanat may pass kilometers before reaching on the ground's surface, where the water led by the underground wells start to flow. This is called the Qanat's spout. "Gonabad", the longest Qanat in Iran is 70 kilometers long and it is located in Khorasan province.

   Iranians invented Qanat system thousands of years ago. This invention has led to pooling of underground waters, watering farms and also the invention of clepsydra and water mills. Qanat is the cause of maintaining agriculture and drinkable water for the people who live in deserts and barrens besides the optimization of the precious water.

  Qanats of Iran that have been listed as world heritage site are:

”Gonabad” Qanat located in southern Khorasan.

”Baladeh- ferdos” Qanat located in southern Khorasan.

”Zarch” and “Hasan-abad” Qanats located in Mehriz, Yazd.

”Joupar” Qanat located in Kerman.

”Akbar-abad” Qanat located in Bam.

”Moun” Qanat located in Ardestan.

”Vazvan” and “Mozd-abad” Qanats located in Isfahan province.

”Ebrahim-abad” Qanat located in Arak province.

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Qanats of Iran are excavated in desert lands.

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