Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Gonbad- e Qabus, high as sky!

Gonbad-e Qabus is a historical tomb-tower in a city of the same name, located in Golestan province in the Northeast of Iran. This monument which is known as the highest brick tower in the world has been constructed in 1006 AD, ordered by “Qabus ibn Vashmgir” who has been one of the kings of Ziyari emperor who ruled Jorjan city, a center of art and science. This city was ruined by Mongols and Gonbad- e Qabus is the only monument remaining. The conical dome of this monument represents architectural and cultural exchange between the Central Asian people and ancient Iranians.

Some inscriptions are done on the high walls in Kufic and they show religious verses and phrases about “Qabus ibn Vashmgir” owning this great tomb-tower. Some say that this monument had been built as tomb for the king and his body had been kept in a glass coffin, in the tomb-tower.

This tomb-tower, which is 53 meters high, is built based on decagon form with a conical dome, the walls are 3 meters thick, made with non-glazed baked bricks and the whole monument is constructed based on the Golden ratio, which shows the high intelligence of the Iranian architects in geometry and aesthetics. Gonbad-e Qabus has been registered in UNESCO’s list as a world heritage site, almost 1000 years after it has been built, on 2012.

This Architecture masterpiece is one of most interesting attractions you might see in Iran.

"Gonbad- e Qabus" is the highest brick tower in the world.

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