Monday, July 3, 2017

Why you should visit National Museum of Iran?

National Mueum of Iran or the Museum of Ancient Iran is the oldest museum of this country founded on 1937. This building is designed by Andre Godard, the French architect and the exterior of this building resembles the glorious Sassanid monument named Tagh e Kasra.

National Museum of Iran hosts the most complete and fabulous collection of ancient objects like potteries, coins, textiles, statues and jewelries related to pre-Islamic eras like Elamite, Medes, Achaemenid, Parthian and post-Islamic dynasties, exhibited in two separate buildings. 

The arcs on the exterior of National Museum of Iran
National Museum of Iran.

The oldest items kept in National museum include a piece of tool made with Quartz stone dating  back to 1 million years ago and a treasury about 700-200 thousand years old which is related to Gilan province in the north of Iran. The fossils of animals or plants and remains of the tools made by Neanderthals from Paleolithic and Mesolithic eras are the most amazing objects you can discover in this museum. Pottery objects of Shahdad and Jiroft civilizations with diverse and interesting motifs that reveal secrets from Bronze Age, stairs of Persepolis related to Achaemenid dynasty, Darius statue and the giant statue of Surena (the legendary Parthian commander) are the most famous treasures kept in this museum.

Make sure to spend some hours in National Museum of Tehran while you are in this city or join day tours of Uppersia in Tehran and get amazed by the treasury of the unique National Museum of Tehran.

The stone statue in the National Museum of Iran.
The Parthian statue in the National Museum of Iran.


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