Monday, July 10, 2017

Yazd named as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Yesterday (July 9th), the historical city of Yazd known as the bride of Persian cities and the city of sunshine, got inscribed as a world heritage site by the UNESCO, as the first Iranian city and the 22nd Iranian historical site which has been inscribed by the UNESCO so far. Even for me as an Iranian, Yazd is the most charming city with the purest oriental mood among the cities of Iran and I don’t know any person who has visited Yazd without falling in love with its mythical serenity and culture.

travelers visiting the old texture of Yazd, Iran.
Travelers visiting old texture of Yazd, Iran.

The endless historical texture of Yazd is the main reason why this city is amazing! Quiet narrow alleys, old houses made with reddish mud adobes, the stunning structure of the high wind towers which work as an air conditioner for the houses during hot summer days, and the curved arcs are the elements of the historical texture of Yazd with an eye catching visual rhythm. The turquoise blue domes of the antique mosques in the corners of the city, look like the shiny gems on this soil texture. There is no mosque in Iran that attracts me as much as the Jaame mosque of Yazd does. Its high minarets and madly beautiful tile works offer what a visitor expects from the beauty, balance and ornaments in Persian architecture.

The genius water management system named qanat, (including a row of watermills controlling and leading water) was invented by the locals of Yazd and helped them overcome the drought and water shortage in the heart of desert.

Dolat Abad Garden, one of the nine amazing Persian gardens, the glorious Amir Chakhmaq monument, the Zoroastrian heritages, the tasty traditional sweets and the cultured and hospitable locals of Yazd are what make this city one of the most wonderful destinations in Iran. Check Uppersia day tours in Yazd and see what awaits you in this wonderful city.

The old arcs in Yazd, Iran.
The arcs in ancient monument in Yazd, Iran.

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