Sunday, June 3, 2018

Zoorkhaneh in Yazd

Zoorkhaneh is a place to gain strength, reinforce the virtues of sportsmanship, modesty, humbleness and avoid arrogance. Zoorkhaneh sports are done in a roofed area; the building resembles ancient temples or cellars. The entrance is smaller than usual doors. The rood is high and domed, like a mosque. “The Gowd”, the hollow, deeper area in the middle of the Zoorkhaneh, is where the sports are done. The Zoorkhaneh being a sacred place, there only the chest, pure, modest, the morally and bodily clean men; and those men who are free from evil thoughts come together. Leila, a skilled member of Uppersia tour guide team, suggested the guests from Netherlands to watch this curious workout routine in Yazd.

The guests from Netherlands are watching workout routine of Zoorkhane in Yazd.

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