Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Dotār have been inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative Intangible Heritage list.

One of the richest aspects of Iran’s culture is its music. Made up of several different types, Persian music reflects the richness of its diversity and echoes its present and past history. Depending on which region of the country you visit, you will be sure to hear the sounds of traditional and modern musical instruments permeating the air.
Iran has been compiling files to register a number of its musical instruments with UNESCO over the past year as intangible cultural heritages. More recently, traditional skills of crafting and playing Iranian musical instrument Dotār have been inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative Intangible Heritage list.
Dotar is a folkloric plucked musical instrument with a pear-shaped bow crafted with dried wood or mulberry tree, a neck made of apricot or walnut wood, and two strings. While playing, the players recount epic, historical, lyric and moral narrations that are central to their ethnic history, pride and identity.  While you’re in Iran, don’t miss Isfahan Music Museum, where showcasing over 300 traditional Iranian musical instruments in a sleek gallery.

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