Monday, March 2, 2020

Shiran Hotel in Isfahan

The Safavid dynasty was one of the most important ruling dynasties of Iran. Abbas I was a great builder and moved the capital of Persia from Qazvin to Isfahan, making the city the pinnacle of Safavid architecture.
Over several decades, major monuments were built during this era in Isfahan. According to one description, Safavid kings built 162 mosques 1,802 buildings, and 283 baths in Isfahan. Most of those buildings no longer survive, but the structures that remain constitute some of the finest monuments of Islamic architecture.
We are so thrilled to announce that Shiran Hotel, a masterpiece where created by Isfahani artists from Safadid dynasty till now, opens presently. If you’re history and art buff, this impressive and dazzling architecture would be a right choice for your stay in Isfahan.

Shiran Hotel in Isfahan

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