Friday, June 12, 2020

Reddish Village in Iran

When visiting Iran, most travelers make a beeline for famous cities like Shiraz, Isfahan and Tehran.However, some of the country’s dreamiest holiday destinations are tiny, little-known villages off the beaten tourist track.
Abyaneh is famous for its reddish hue clay, that’s why some people called it the Red Village. The red houses of the village with its lattice windows and wooden balconies have been built on the ancient architectural style, similar to Masouleh. The roofs of some houses are used to serve as the courtyard for other houses higher up on the slope. As well, the structure of the village’s houses is in spiral shape and there is no blind alley.
Abyaneh is a dynamic tourism destination, somewhere you shouldn't miss on you way to Isfahan.

Abyane village in Isfahan province

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