Saturday, September 2, 2017

The serene and sunny village of Kharanagh.

The historical Kharanagh village is a gem in the heart of the deserts around Yazd with a rich flora and fauna and precious historical heritages. The beautiful village of Kharanagh is almost an unknown and untouched destination laid in the sunny and warm lands of central Iran.

Besides the historical texture of the village including dilapidated walls and aged adobe arcs, the glorious and ancient fortress of Kharanagh is known as the most amazing architectural heritage of this village. Some believe that this castle ages back to Sassanid time and it has been restored and resuscitated for several times during different dynasties. 6 towers and 4 gates surround this castle and about 80 residential houses are located inside the borders of the castle. The houses are known for being laid out twistedly and being constructed by materials which are suitable for the warm and sunny climate of desert lands.

The stone-made bridge of Kharanagh is another heritage that any traveler visits in this village. This bridge is blocked by a hill from one side so it has not been used as a passage but has been a bridge to control the water flow.

September and October are the best months for visiting this scenic village and enjoying its serenity. Take a look at Day Tours of Yazd including a visit to Kharanagh and see what this tour offers.

Travelers visiting Kharanagh village, Yazd-Iran.
Travelers visiting Kharanagh castle.


  1. I was just here October 5 2017. Iran is an amazing place!

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